Hugh Jackman breaks Ziggler's jaw on WWE 'Raw'

Hugh Jackman attends the "Real Steel" Paris premiere

Hugh Jackman attends the "Real Steel" Paris premiere at Le Grand Rex. (Sept. 6, 2011) (Credit: Getty Images)

Actor Hugh Jackman was apparently a big hit this past week on "Monday Night Raw" as a special guest. Just ask WWE star Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler, accompanied by Vickie Guerrero, was in a match against Long Island native Zack Ryder, who had Jackman in his corner. Guerrero was ejected from ringside after she slapped the spit out of Ryder’s mouth. This prompted Jackman to get involved and retaliate. Jackman delivered a nasty right hook to the jaw of Ziggler. Take a look at the video below and you can hear Jackman’s knuckles connecting at the 1:09 mark.

The former Intercontinental champion tweeted the next day confirming a hairline fracture of the jaw:

… MRI scheduled for 1 pm.....possible fractured jaw #thanksBatman

hairline mandibular fracture. Guess i'll put my chipotle in a blender for a few weeks, its not ballet #HEEL > heal.

Why is Ziggler calling Jackman Batman? I have no idea, but we’ll let it go. After all, Ziggler just got laid out by a Tony Award winner. That’s something he may not be able to live down for a while. There’s plenty of material there for fans who are looking to make a catchy sign at the next live WWE show.

The former host of the Oscar’s was on Raw to promote his new movie “Real Steel,” which hits theaters Oct. 7.

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