No Nexus/Undertaker follow up on Raw?

Raw this past week was all about the Nexus. They have once again regained their old form before they lost to Team WWE at Summerslam. In the opening of Raw they talked about how they destroyed the Undertaker. I’m sure it’s something that they are going to use in future promos as well which makes me wonder, when is Taker going to confront them?

I realize he’s on Smackdown feuding with Kane and they have a title match at Night of Champions. But this is the Undertaker we’re talking about here. This man is the Phenom of the WWE, the Deadman. Shouldn’t Taker direct some sort of revenge toward the Nexus. Never in Undertaker’s career has an opponent gotten away with an attack and not felt the wrath of Taker.

I’m not saying this in a joking fan-boy way. I’m talking strictly from a storyline perspective. I don’t think I was the only fan who expected Taker to show up on Raw this week and do something to cost Nexus a match or give one of the members a chokeslam. Fans have been conditioned for years by the WWE to know Taker as a character that always gets revenge and has the last word. Why would now be so different? This time, the WWE left the fans hanging. We saw Taker get beat and now after so many years of watching the Undertaker character we’re not to expect some sort of revenge? It makes no sense.

The WWE should follow up with the Nexus/Taker angle in some way, even if it’s very small and brief. There needs to be some sort of finality to it. If not now then in the near future.

Quick Hits:

*The Daniel Bryan/Miz segment was very good. Bryan comes off as a geek very well, but in a good way. I would like to see some more mic time for both of these men leading up to their U.S. Title match at Night of Champions.

*Edge imitating the Great Khali’s Frankenstein walk was hilarious. I forgot how funny Edge could be at times. It’s been so long since his days with Christian when they were a tag team and comedy was a big part of their gimmick.

*Darren Young’s return to Raw bombed. When he came down the entrance ramp to distract Wade Barrett there was no reaction from the crowd. He should have worn a sign that said “I’m the guy that looks like Cena that got beaten out of Nexus.”

*I know I sound like a broken record, but Randy Orton’s momentum just keeps growing. It’s official, he’s the biggest face on Raw. Yes, Cena gets the loudest reaction, but half of it is boos.

*Speaking of Cena, his match with Justin Gabriel was very good. Even though Gabriel lost he got a lot of offense in and was put over very well. I’m not a big believer that you have to win a match to be “put over.” If the match is done like this one, a loss is just as good. The important thing is he lost fair and square. A fluke win would have been the worst thing in my opinion.

*So long Y2J. If this is the for real and Chris Jericho is really leaving the WWE his final match was pretty good against John Morrison. Furthermore, their segment backstage after the match was pretty funny. If anything comes out of this it’s the fact that Morrison is ready to take that next step as a star. I think he can even be better than his former tag team partner the Miz.

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