Raw after-party: Orton gains more momentum before Night of Champions

Tonight was the season premiere of Monday night Raw and to jazz it up we had Raw Roulette making its return for the first time in three years. The Raw guest host spot was dusted off and revived with Chad Ochocino of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Tonight’s whole show was about John Cena vs. Randy Orton. Thanks to the roulette wheel the showdown between the two was made a tables match. I had a feeling this match would not end fairly and there was no way we were getting a clear winner. This is the Superman (Cena) vs. the one star who has unbelievable momentum. Besides, the WWE is not about to make one of the two participants in the six pack match look inferior to the other, right?

Turns out the WWE ended this match with a clever twist. When Nexus filled the ring it looked like it was over. However, each member of Nexus was thrown out of the match by Cena or Orton. Then we get back to the one-on-one match until Chris Jericho and Edge deicide to interfere. Shockingly, Edge and Jericho suffered the same fate as the Nexus and Cena and Orton resumed their match. Just when I thought the WWE did a good job of trying to make it seem the match would end in a huge brawl they made it about Cena and Orton again. That was the good part, but you knew it all couldn’t be good.

Cena has Orton in position for the Attitude Adjustment with a table nearby. Cena starts the move and Orton counters with an RKO. Fans seemed confused when Orton popped up and his music hit because it seemed like Cena had the win. Both looked like they went through the table, but on a different replay it was obvious that Cena was the one who bared the brunt of the table. If you didn’t see it in slow-motion then you would’ve thought that Orton was the loser. However, the replay was from a different angle and the WWE failed to show the replay of the camera angle that showed the move during the telecast in real time. It was an odd ending with some confusion.

The point is Orton is the man with the most momentum heading into this Sunday’s Night of Champions. For months, the fans of the WWE have been waiting for Orton to win the WWE Title and he’s been denied every time for some reason or another. And every time he was denied the fans backed him with even more support. I was disappointed not to see Orton win the title sooner, but now looking back it was for the best. Throwing some wrenches in his way was effective because when he does win the title the payoff will be even greater for the fans.

Quick Hits:

*The best match of the night went to Sheamus and John Morrison before Chris Jericho made his return and cost Morrison a chance to take Y2J’s spot in the six pack challenge. The WWE is really trying to push Morrison to the next level. He got a lot of offense in on the WWE Champion and really showed how athletic he is. His pre-match training was fun to watch.

*Speaking of Jericho, it seems he is going to be the one to reveal the Raw GM down the line. They’ve been feuding over the last 2 weeks and after Night of Champions, I can see the GM screwing with Y2J some more. Jericho is going to do his best to drag the GM out from behind the computer and face him man-to-man. Who’s to say it’s not a woman? I still think it’s Triple H for the time being.

*Can Daniel Bryan get a second victory over the Miz in one week? I actually think Bryan will win only because the WWE probably wants to get the US Title off Miz before he cashes in Money in the Bank and wins the WWE Title. Miz is on to bigger and better things.

*Chad Ochocino was a very good guest host. His opening segment with the Miz was entertaining and short. I thought Ochocino would be cockier and make the segments about him, but that was never the case. He was pretty low-key and came off very knowledgeable about the WWE unlike many other guest hosts. Dragging the guest host duties out every so often is actually entertaining, as long as it’s the right person. The week-after-week schedule was redundant and took too much time away from the wrestlers.

*The roulette stipulation was okay. The song and dance competition with Ted DiBiase and Maryse against R-Truth and Eve was dumb. The steel cage was decent for the handicap match of Jericho vs. The Hart Dynasty. The tables match was a solid main event, of course.

*By the way, you had to know the cage was going to be used on Raw. They would never go through all that work of having the cage up and not use it. Besides, having it dangle above the ring is a big tease. You have it there, it’s going to be used.

Overall, Raw was decent. It did its job setting up the six pack challenge for Night of Champions. Then again, Raw only has 2 matches for the pay per view so there wasn’t much work that needed to be done for this Sunday.

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