WWE Night of Champions predictions

Night of Champions is this Sunday on pay per view and here are my predictions. Or should I say, my hopes for the show.

Divas and Women's Championship Unification Lumberjill Match: Melina (C) vs. Lay-Cool

Not really looking forward to this, but Melina will win and unify the titles. I give the WWE credit for trying to make a women’s match interesting by adding lumberjill’s but I’m not sure if most fans really care about them.

Big Show vs. CM Punk

No title involved in this match although that is the reoccurring them for this pay per view. I have not been a fan of this feud mainly because I do not like happy-go-lucky Big Show. CM Punk has been one of the best heels on Smackdown and he should take this match. I would like to see Punk back in the main event scene and a win over Big Show would do just that.

(I would much rather a tag team title match on the card, but since the tag team division is non-existent there’s no competition for the Hart Dynasty.)

Intercontinental Title match: Dolph Ziggler (C) vs. Kofi Kingston

This has been the second best feud on Smackdown to Undertaker and Kane. There is a special stipulation to this match. If Ziggler gets disqualified or counted out he will lose the title to Kingston. Finally, these two get to have a one-on-one match without any distractions and it should be good. Both are young rising stars although who ever wins means nothing in terms of a fast-track to the main event scene. I see Kingston winning the title since this match will have no distractions.

World Heavyweight Title match: Kane (C) vs. Undertaker

I see this angle going into Survivor Series so Kane should walk away retaining the title. Even though Taker has “lost his powers” I doubt Kane will get a clean win. The WWE is setting up something for Taker to get his powers back and it would make sense for that to happen at the Survivor Series since that’s his anniversary marking his debut in the WWE. I’m still holding out hope that Paul Bearer makes an appearance in this feud, but who knows. Kane wins at Night of Champions, but it’s only a matter of time until Taker regains his powers and defeats Kane.

U.S. Title match: The Miz (C) vs. Daniel Bryan

This is one of the most anticipated matches on the card. Bryan already has one victory this week over his former NXT mentor. Bryan is going to walk away with the U.S. Title, but not so much because the WWE is going to give Bryan a mega push. It’s more about the Miz going on to bigger and better things very soon. There is a good chance the Miz could be involved in a major title match come Wrestlemania. Therefore, it’s time to lose the U.S. Title to take that next step forward.

There is a catch here and maybe this is my wish for the pay per view and not so much a prediction. The Miz is on the cusp of super stardom and it wouldn’t be the best idea to have him lose at Night of Champions to Bryan. That’s why you have Miz cash in Money in the Bank later on, which leads me to……..

WWE Title match in a six-pack challenge: Sheamus (C) vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho vs. Wade Barrett vs. Edge

It’s time for Randy Orton to finally win the title. After months of being denied the Viper will bring home the gold. Cena is probably his biggest competition in this match, but Orton has gotten the best of Cena the last few weeks. Jericho’s contract is up at the end of the month and no one knows his status with the company. Edge is no longer the top heel on the roster. Sheamus has had the title long enough. Barrett is always a possibility and he does have a victory over Orton in recent weeks.

Here’s what I’m picturing as Orton is celebrating with his title. The Miz comes down the ramp, fresh off losing the U.S. Title to Bryan, cashes in Money in the Bank and defeats Orton for the title. And there you have it, the Miz becomes a major star in the WWE.

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