Wrestlemania 28 predictions: Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny

WWE superstar The Miz

WWE superstar The Miz (Credit: Photo courtesy of WWE)

Team Teddy vs. Team Laurinaitis

Alfonso: Team Teddy

This may be the hardest of all the night’s matches to pick. On one hand, WWE seems to be pleased with the Laurinaitis character, and I can see Vince wanting to feature him on Smackdown as well. It could also be that Long, who officially becomes a senior citizen later this year, is looking to come off the road, even if he does only work a day or two a week. But my thinking is that, as good an on-air performer as he Laurinaitis is, WWE may want him to get back to his office job as a WWE VP. If so, this would be an ideal opportunity to write him off both shows.

Anthony: Team Laurinaitis

It’s simple, a heel general manager works better and that’s why I pick Team Johnny. When the WWE started building the match I thought it was a great way to get John Laurinaitis off the show. The more I think about it, he’s effective at what he does in drawing a ton of heat. Even though Teddy Long has had the longest run out of any general manager, heels just work better in that role. When you look at all the previous general managers in WWE history, there are more heels on that list than faces. Besides, Team Johnny is stacked while Team Long resembles The Oddities from 1998.

Seth: Team Teddy

Take a good look at the participants in this match -- after the part-timers relinquish the main event spots on April 2, these are the guys we'll be expected to believe are big-time. And most of them are; I just wish they had more of a spotlight at WrestleMania than a forgettable 12-man tag. I'm guessing the announcement on Monday that Michael Cole is the announcer for Team Johnny means that Team Teddy goes over, and perhaps after the match Teddy replaces Cole with JR -- just in time to call Hell in a Cell and Rock-Cena.

Josh: Team Teddy

Time for Johnny (aka Mr. Excitement) to go back to Stamford and sign talent, or better yet, get fired for real. The fact that they have had to feature him for the past few months proves that he hasn't been doing his real job too well. Plus, time to put HHH in that on-air role and make it mean something.

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