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Former WWE Diva Serena on coming to LI, concussions, having kids

WSU wrestler Serena

If you want more out of your women’s wrestling than the 60-second “matches” you typically get between two bikini models on WWE each week, than you should definitely get over to Deer Park this Saturday for what promises to be a very unique event.

Women Superstars Uncensored has made a name for itself over the last year as, arguably, the premiere women’s wrestling in the United States, and it’s...

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Feeling lukewarm about SummerSlam

Randy Orton co-headlines this Sunday's SummerSlam.

(Credit: Getty Images)

We’re just five days away from what’s supposed to be one of the biggest wrestling shows of the year. But it sure doesn’t feel that way,

In my opinion, the card for this Sunday’s SummerSlam is among the weakest in the event’s 23 year history. Far from the second most important event of the year, as has traditionally been the case, this year’s SummerSlam seems...

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"Superstars" - WWE's forgotten TV show

Anyone out there watching WWE Superstars?

It’s Thurday night, which means "WWE Superstars," if you’re lucky enough to get WGN America on your television provider.

It’s been nearly two years now since WWE brought back the “Superstars” brand to television after a long hiatus. In the 1980s and 1990s, “WWF Superstars” was the company’s...

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