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WWE's Cena comments on Rock, Undertaker and Snooki

WWE superstar John Cena met with young fans

(Credit: Newsday/Anthony Castellano)

John Cena has one simple message for The Rock.

“I think we’re on to a point if this continues, something physical is going to happen,” Cena told Newsday on Friday at Madison Square Garden (Click here for photos). 

“The fact that he tried to pick a fight with the toughest guy in the place, that’s kind of his style. But you know me, I don’t...

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What match should close out Wrestlemania 27?

One of the biggest debates each year is what should be the final match at Wrestlemania. It’s a guaranteed conversation starter among wrestling fans and an easy blog post to write up. So, here we go.

Many old school wrestling fans will always say that a title match needs to close the show. They argue that no wrestler or match is bigger than the title. Last year proved that argument wrong...

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My five favorite WrestleMania matches

WWE continues with the comebacks: Austin, JBL, & Sunny

The year of big returns continues for the WWE. Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared on Raw last night and announced that he will be the special guest referee for the Michael Cole vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler match. All we need is good ole’ JR, Jim Ross, and we have an all out party.

Speaking of returns, Austin stunned Cole’s original choice to be the referee, former WWE...

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Triple H's promo on Raw was a slap in the face

Triple H’s promo this past week on Raw did a good job hyping up his match with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Yet, I found some parts of his promo that went too far and not in a good way.

Triple H said he and the Undertaker were the last of a generation. That is with out a doubt true. Both guys are the longest running stars currently in the company. Triple H did a great job putting...

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Sting's return proves he should remain with TNA

Last night’s TNA was billed around the debut of Bart Scott, the return of Hulk Hogan and his group “Immortal,” the Karen Angle-Jeff Jarrett wedding, and of all things a special appearance by former “Jersey Shore” cast member Angelina. Other than Hogan taking over TNA, the rest of the show was hard to watch.

All night TNA was teasing that the TNA champion Jeff...

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Thoughts on Rock-Cena-Miz promos, HHH-Taker hype, Hall of Fame and more

We're getting closer and closer to the biggest show of the year, and last night's Raw took several more steps toward WrestleMania XXVII.

Here are some thoughts:

. I very much enjoyed the hype for the big Undertaker - Triple-H showdown. A lot of people assumed that Shawn Michaels would be the lynchpin for the feud, with the storyline of Triple-H looking to avenge the defeat of his best...

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Undertaker & Triple-H return, Cena-Miz build, other thoughts on WrestleMania hype

The WWE laid some more asphalt on the Road to WrestleMania last night with a newsworthy Raw that featured some major returns, hyped some key matches for the big show, and also announced the latest Hall of Fame inductee.

The biggest news of course was the long-awaited pay off to the “2-21-11” teaser video. Alas, The Undertaker arose from the dead once again and returned to WWE....

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2011 the year of comebacks in the WWE?

Every fan of pro wrestling loves a good comeback. Not even two full months into 2011, the WWE has had one big comeback after another.

Shawn Michaels returned last month after being announced as an inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Class 2011. The Royal Rumble saw the return of Diesel and Booker T. The Rock made his first appearance in seven years on Raw this past week. Rumor has it Undertaker...

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Video: Raw advertises Undertaker's WWE return

By now all of you have seen the 2.21.11 hype video. What you may have not seen is the actual WWE-produced video that was pulled from the Save Mart Center’s website advertising Taker’s return.

The video was pulled from the site once other websites starting linking to it. However, they are still advertising, in caps and yellow font, that Undertaker is returning.

Why is Undertaker,...

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