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WWE's Paul Bearer dead at 58

The Undertaker, right, made his WWE debut in

(Credit: WWE)

William Moody, who, as the macabre Paul Bearer helped elevate The Undertaker into becoming the most successful gimmick performer in wrestling history, has died, according to WWE. Moody, who personified pro wrestling’s over-the-top theatrics like few others, was 58 years old. As Percy Pringle, Moody began making a name for himself as a loathsome wrestling manager during the 1980s in various southern...

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WWE Wrestlemania: The Rock defeats John Cena, Undertaker goes 20-0

Dwyane 'The Rock' Johnson celebrates after defeating John

(Credit: AP )

Wrestlemania 28 is in the books and now we began to break it down and analyze it from top to bottom. Here’s my review of the show with a look at each match:

Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship

If you thought the World Heavyweight Title go no respect for being the opening match the last two year’s wait till you hear this: The match was over in...

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Wrestlemania 28 predictions: Randy Orton vs. Kane

Professional wrestler Randy Orton gives his opponent, Kane,

(Credit: David Gunn/WWE)

Randy Orton vs. Kane

Alfonso: Randy Orton

I believe WWE has already begun advertising a three-way world title match at Extreme Rules with Orton taking on Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. So it looks like this match will be one and done, in which case it makes no sense to put Kane over. Orton hits the RKO and makes relatively quick work out of the Big Red Monster. Anthony: Randy Orton


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What match should close WWE Wrestlemania 28?

CHRIS JERICHO Major wrestling star and would-be reality

(Credit: AP Photo)

One of the biggest debates among fans the week of Wrestlemania is the match order for the pay per view. To many fans, the pecking order of matches is very important as it symbolizes importance as the show makes its way toward the main event. Yet, a Wrestlemania card is not always booked from least important to most important match. If that was the case, then why was the Women’s Title at Wrestlemania...

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WWE Raw: John Cena faces off with The Rock for final time

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson speaks at a news

(Credit: AP )

The WWE had one last chance to promote Wrestlemania on their flagship television show last night. Raw was held in Atlanta -- the host city of last year’s Wrestlemania -- at the Philips Arena where just about a year ago the “once in a lifetime match” was made between The Rock and John Cena. Raw had that “big-time” atmosphere last night just six days before Wrestlemania 28. All night video segments...

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WWE Raw: More talking, less action going into Wrestlemania

COMMERCIAL IMAGE - In this photograph taken by

(Credit: AP )

Last night’s Raw in Philadelphia featured more of the same: lots of talking and very little action between the stars who make up the three biggest feuds going into Wrestlemania. It’s evident that The Rock and John Cena are talking circles at this point. The same could be said with Undertaker and Triple H, while the CM Punk-Chris Jericho angle continues to get deeply personal. Let’s start there....

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WWE at Madison Square Garden this Sunday

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 10: Gorgui Dieng

(Credit: Getty Images)

A quick reminder that WWE returns to our area this Sunday with its "Road to WrestleMania" tour. The show is taking place at Madison Square Garden with a special start time of 5 p.m. Tickets begin at $25 and are available through Ticketmaster. Here's what's advertised: Featured Six Man Tag Team Main Event

Triple H & CM Punk & Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler...

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WWE Raw: The Rock is bringing out the best in John Cena

Actor and fromer WWE supestar Dwayne "The Rock"

(Credit: AP )

Last night we held our first ever live blog for Raw and you can see my rambling thoughts of the show in real-time by clicking here. Let’s kick off with what the entire show was based around: The Rock and John Cena. Rocky delivered three recorded segments throughout the show from various parts of Boston. Keyword: recorded – that will come up a little later on so store that in the back of your mind....

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WWE draft predictions

Name: Randy Orton Birthday: 4/1/80 Age: 31 years

(Credit: WWE/John Giamundo)

The annual WWE Draft takes place tonight. And if past draft shows are any evidence, WWE will undoubtedly be looking to create a buzz with some big moves. Unfortunately, there are fewer of those big moves to make than ever before. Because of a general dearth of star power, and WWE being lax about keeping its two brands truly separate, there aren’t many roster changes that would come off as...

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WWE Raw Reax: Cena will face The Rock next year

The WWE Universe will finally get the dream match they had hoped for: The Rock vs. John Cena. The Attitude Era vs. the PG Era. It will happen April 1, 2012 at Wrestlemania 28 in Miami, Florida. You read it right, The Rock and Cena will have their historic one-on-one match next year at ‘Mania in the Rock’s hometown. Never has a match been booked almost a year in advance. It’s unprecedented,...

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