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WWE Royal Rumble will feature 40 wrestlers this year

The WWE is expanding the Royal Rumble from 30 participants to 40, according to the WWE. Click here to read the official announcement. 

WWE's Joey Styles broke the news earlier day via Twitter saying, "This year, there will be 40 participants in the Royal Rumble Match instead of 30. It will be the biggest Royal Rumble Match in history!”

It’s not yet known if this...

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Newsday back page ripping the WWE?

Today’s back page of Newsday may have featured the Jets and Mark Sanchez, but any true wrestling fan saw something else.

“Monday Night Raw” was the title of the WWE’s flagship weekly program from 1993-2002. The show now goes by the name “Raw” so Newsday won’t have to worry about any copyright issues.

The back cover does make me wonder how many...

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Shawn Michaels is the newest member of the WWE HOF

Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25

(Credit: Photo courtesy of WWE)

The WWE did a heck of a job keep Shawn Michaels’ appearance and Hall of Fame announcement a secret last night on Raw. HBK looked genuinely happy to be back in front of a crowd and his Hall of Fame video was nothing short of remarkable. The WWE usually does a great job with retrospective videos like that.

As for HBK going into the HOF, it’s a smart move by the WWE. Last year’s...

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The WWE cannot have Sting/Taker at WrestleMania 27

WWE superstar Edge at WrestleMania XXIV in 2008.

(Credit: WWE)

The wrestling world has gone bananas over the possibility of Sting facing the Undertaker at WrestleMania. It's not even wrestling rumor that has been started by the evil Internet. It's mostly all hopeful wishing on the part of wrestling fans. Any old school wrestling fan would love this match, but let's be honest with ourselves: there are too many factors working against this dream match.


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5 questions with WWE's original Diva, Tammy "Sunny" Sytch

Pro wrestling personality Tammy "Sunny" Sytch

(Credit: and Bob Mulrenin)

I must admit that throughout much of the mid 1990s, one my favorite WWE wrestling personalities was not a wrestler at all. For much of the same reasons that I imagine other teenage males did, I was quite the fan of Tammy Sytch.

"Sunny," as she was known, gave many fans reason to watch WWE during a down time in business. Armed with a tiny bikini and a sinister smile, the blonde bombshell...

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The 2010 Steel Cage Year End Awards

2010 should go down as a memorable year in the pro wrestling business for several reasons, both good and bad. We saw some big successes, including the emergence of newcomers including Jack Swagger, The Miz, Sheamus and the members of Nexus. And some big failures, including TNA’s feeble attempt at waging a new Monday night war, and WWE queen Linda McMahon’s loss in her bid for U.S. Senate.


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WWE defends decision to run MSG show

Earlier today on this blog I questioned why WWE decided to go ahead with its Madison Square Garden live event Sunday night, despite forecasts of a severe blizard and warnings by the Long Island Rail Road that it would suspend service if the weather became too severe.

I heard back from WWE spokesman Adam Hopkins on WWE's decision. Here's what he said:

"WWE tries its best...

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WWE fans still stranded near MSG amid storm

Today marks a rare opportunity where my fulltime beat at Newsday - covering the Long Island Rail Road - and my side gig - covering the pro wrestling industry - intersect.

That's because among the LIRR customers most affected by the rail road's service suspension have been wrestling fans.

On Sunday night, WWE held a live event at Madison Square Garden, attended by up to 15,000 people...

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Shawn Michaels announces "long-term" deal with WWE

Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25

(Credit: Photo courtesy of WWE)

Less than a year after retiring from the WWE in the “Streak vs. Career” match, Shawn Michaels has signed a long-term deal to rejoin the WWE, according to The Heart Break Kid in a video on his YouTube channel.

Michaels states he is adamant about not returning to in-ring action because he wants to keep his word to the fans and the Undertaker. It seems this long-term deal is just...

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Three ways WWE can have Undertaker & HBK at Wrestlemania

After watching Shawn Michaels accept the Slammy award for WWE Moment of the Year this past Monday night on Raw I, like many, thought about his chances of appearing at Wrestlemania in 2011.

I wouldn’t be doing my blogging duty if I didn’t pollute the heads of the Steel Cage readers with an HBK appearance at Wrestlemania. “Tis the season for list, so why not combine the two...

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