Charlie Davies, understandably, isn't a happy camper ... quite literally. He missed out on Bob Bradley's preliminary 30-man team that begins its training camp next week and he is blaming his French club for impeding his progress, according to an AP report.

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He claims that club president Alexandre Lacombe told the U.S. coaching staff that Davies was still unfit and never medically cleared him to play. Davies, who thought otherwise, told a French radio station he felt "very hurt, very sad" and “very angry." Lacombe also made the assertion as Davies began training weeks ago that he could not be ready by the end of the season, to which Davies also objected to at the time.

"By the first game against England, I feel I would be able to be at 100 percent and really contribute for the national team," Davies said. "So for me not being able to get a chance is very painful."

Obviously this is a difficult time for Davies, who nearly died in October in a car crash that claimed the life of another passenger. He sustained multiple broken bones and fractures, but made it his goal to rehabilitate in time for the World Cup. Davies unfortunately didn't get the call, which means he'll have to painstakingly watch his American teammates from home this summer.


What do we think about this ... is Davies just frustrated and looking for someone to blame? Or, is his claim legitimate?

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Photo credit: AP