Ekaterina Makarova bears a resemblance to tennis' most special player, Steffi Graf.

This is especially true in profile. Makarova's record can't compare to Graf's 22 Grand Slam titles, but she says she's aware of the resemblance.

"Some people [are] saying

that I look a little bit like Steffi," Makarova said with her typically shy but lighthearted demeanor. That shyness was a hallmark of Graf's as well.

After Makarova's win over Victoria Azarenka in the quarterfinals on Wednesday, the Arthur Ashe Stadium audio crew cranked up "Macarena."

"Actually it start [at] Australian Open," Makarova said. "So many fans, they called me like this. In Russia, no one is actually calling me like that from the court. But it's a different thing. It's nice, I think."

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Can she do the Macarena?

"Yes, next time on stage."