Video: Baseball brawl wrestling fans would be proud of

Florida Marlins and Washington Nationals players fall to

Florida Marlins and Washington Nationals players fall to the ground during a brawl in the sixth inning of a baseball game Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2010 in Miami. Nationals' Nyjer Morgan charged the mound after a pitch from Florida's Chris Volstad sailed behind him. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee) (Credit: AP )

I'm sure not many people watch the Florida Marlins take on the Washington Nationals last night. I mean why would you? There were more people brawling on the field than in the stands. Although, there was a fantastic brawl that any wrestling fan would be proud of.

Basically, Nyjer Morgan has been involved in a lot of skirmishes in baseball the last few weeks. The night before last, Morgan knocked down Marlins' catcher Brett Hayes on a play at home. Hayes suffered some injuries from what was a hard hit.

Chris Volstad drilled Morgan in the hip during the fourth inning. It wasn't enough revenge for Volstad as he threw behind him again. Let the Royal Rumble begin.

The part wrestling fans would like is the clothesline Morgan takes from Gaby Sanchez of the Marlins. Sanchez blindsided Morgan with a John Bradshaw Layfield-like clothesline from hell. Morgan didn't sell the move, but he did go down, which enabled Volstad and Sanchez a brief opportunity for a two-on-one handicap.

Morgan was the last man standing as he shook off the high-impact move and made his way out of the brawl and found time to taunt the fans. No that's major heel heat right there.

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