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How much did CM Punk help WWE's ratings?

The Monday Night Raw following the highly anticipated Money in the Bank pay per view drew a 3.22 rating, up from the 2.9 the week before. The 2.9 rated Raw went up against the Home Run Derby on ESPN.

The 3.22 is an improvement, but not as much as some thought it would be. With all the buzz surrounding the CM Punk angle from non-wrestling outlets, I expected a better rating. The July 4 tapped...

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Triple H takes over WWE and why Punk will be back

Wrestling superstar Triple H, left, and Shane McMahon,

(Credit: Getty Images)

Now that was a swerve.

Vince McMahon promised that if John Cena did not defeat CM Punk at Money in the Bank he would fire him. Just as McMahon was about to do that last night on Raw, his son-in-law Triple H “relieved him of his duties” due to ““extremely questionable decisions” made by the chairman.

It was a nice swerve following the events at Money in the...

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CM Punk's shoot shows the WWE can still 'bring it'

New York, New York: Edge wrestles CM Punk

(Credit: RJ Mickelson/amNY)

CM Punk’s “shoot promo” this past Monday night on Raw was easily the best segment produced by the WWE since The Rock made his return prior to Wrestlemania earlier this year.

He blasted the WWE, calling Stephanie McMahon “idiotic” and her husband, Triple H, a “doofus son-in-law.” Punk labeled himself as a “Paul Heyman” guy, which might...

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Thoughts on last night's Raw from LI

I had a good time last night at the special “All Stars” three-hour edition of Raw at the Nassau Coliseum last night. Here are a few thoughts coming out of the show.

. I remain a big supporter of WWE’s decision to provide a PG product that appeals to kids—and not only because I have a couple of kids of my own. Fans who aren’t parents may be against the move, preferring...

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Interview with WWE's "Long Island Iced Z" Zack Ryder

WWE Superstar Zack Ryder

(Credit: WWE)

When WWE returns to the Nassau Coliseum Monday for a live, three-hour edition of Raw, it will be a particularly special night for one WWE superstar — Merrick native Zack Ryder.

Although he’s worked for WWE for five years now, it’s only in recent months that Ryder, 26, has developed a rabid fan following. Signs showing their support for Ryder have begun popping up at arenas,...

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A 'Steel Cage' tribute to the 'Macho Man'

Pro wrestler Randy "Macho Man" Savage arrives at

(Credit: Getty Images File, 2002)

On "Raw" this past Monday night, the show opened with a picture of  “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Many in the crowd had “Oooooh yea” signs, and I even saw some colorful cowboy hats and outlandish sunglasses. All signatures of the legendary career Savage had.

The telecast also featured a very nice tribute video to Savage with some of his top moments in the...

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WWE draft predictions

Name: Randy Orton Birthday: 4/1/80 Age: 31 years

(Credit: WWE/John Giamundo)

The annual WWE Draft takes place tonight. And if past draft shows are any evidence, WWE will undoubtedly be looking to create a buzz with some big moves.

Unfortunately, there are fewer of those big moves to make than ever before. Because of a general dearth of star power, and WWE being lax about keeping its two brands truly separate, there aren’t many roster changes that would come off...

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WWE getting heat over smoking depiction

All the nation's car rental companies, except Hertz,

WWE has gotten a surprising amount of publicity coming off of R-Truth’s heel turn Monday night, which included him smoking a cigarette at ringside. The anti-tobacco group put out a release condemning WWE. And Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld dedicated his “Gregalogue” to the issue during his show, Red Eye, on Tuesday night.

I’ve got mixed feelings about...

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Thanks for a wonderful career, Edge

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge, left, and Chris

(Credit: Getty Images)

Edge’s retirement on Raw last night was surreal. As he delivered a heartfelt speech about his long career I kept waiting for Alberto Del Rio to make his way down the ramp and interrupt Edge. Maybe a brawl would start and further their rivalry heading into their ladder match at Extreme Rules in three weeks.

Unfortunately for the fans, Del Rio never came out. Edge will forfeit the title...

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Undertaker, HHH and HBK were the highlight of Raw

Raw was based on two things last night and they were not even wrestling matches: the confrontations between The Undertaker and Triple H and The Rock, John Cena, Miz. The question is, which confrontation did a better job at hyping up their match this Sunday?

The answer: Undertaker and Triple H with the assist going to Shawn Michaels.

The dynamic between the three men was intense and the...

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