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Michael Kay rips Boomer Esiason re: Fathergate


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Michael Kay weighed in on his ESPN New York Radio show Thursday afternoon on the matter of Daniel Murphy's two-game paternity leave, and about what other talk show hosts have said about it, especially on WFAN.

He called out Boomer Esiason by name.

There was much yelling involved.

Here ya go:

"I’d have to be an unbelievably narcissistic baboon to make my choice on somebody else and say that that person is wrong. That person has that right. It’s a collectively bargained right. If that person feels that they should be with that baby and the wife I’m going to sit here and pass judgment and say they shouldn’t? I mean, my goodness. That’s unbelievable that you could think you’re that self important.

"There are so many people out there who are like, oh, Daniel Murphy was wrong. Mets fans! Really? Daniel Murphy was right for what Daniel Murphy wanted to do. Daniel Murphy wanted to be with his wife. Daniel Murphy wanted to be with his first child. We’re going to sit here as all-knowing gods and say he’s wrong? How dare people?

"For the people that feel like that: 1950 is calling. They want their opinion back.

"Can you imagine the ego on people – the ego – to think that their way is the only way and that that’s the way Daniel Murphy had to do it? My goodness, how do you look at yourself in the mirror? You must be so self-important to actually say that this is what I did and this is what you have to do.

"Every family is different. Every birth is different. Every baby born is different. Every need is different. If his wife wanted him there, then he has to be there. And if he felt he had to be there, it’s collectively bargained."

After a commercial break, Kay continued thusly:

"This is the difficult part of this story because I’m going to name a name because this is the guy who came out and said this. I like him, I’m a fan of him, I think I’m a friend of his. But Boomer Esiason said that if he was playing he would say to his wife you’ve got to schedule a C-section so I can play on Opening Day.

"I don’t get that thinking. You’re going to put your wife through major surgery when she doesn’t have to have a C-section so that you can be at a game? I don’t get that. That doesn’t make any sense. Do you realize how serious a C-section is? Women have C-sections all the time when they have to. They don’t have elective C-sections.

"I mean, that’s not the way birth is supposed to be unless there’s an issue. You’re going to actually make her have a C-section so that you don’t miss a game? My goodness, I don’t get that thinking, and this is from a guy that I respect and like. I don’t understand how you can think like that. And how your wife would hit you over the head with a bat.

"You’re going to make me get cut open wide so that you don’t miss a game? No, no, I don’t think that’s happening . . . I don’t understand how anybody can think like that.

"According to Boomer last Wednesday – she ended up having a C-section anyway – they should have just cut her open to get the baby out. She should have had elective major surgery so that she didn’t miss an Opening Day against the Nationals. Wow, wow, wow. If you want to do it, fine, but don’t push that on somebody else.

"If I ever suggested something like that to Jodi, she’d hit me. I mean, this is not Fred and Wilma and Ralph and Alice. This is not prehistoric times. You don’t just club a woman over the head and tell her what to do. I have my wife have a C-section. Wow!

"It’s your personal choice. For me to force my personal choice on somebody else shows me that I’m such an egomaniac that I think the world revolves around me that my choice is the only right choice. Wow. I know we’re doing talk shows here everybody but at some point opinion becomes parody. That’s unbelievable."

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