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Strange new world: Yankees on WFAN

New York Yankees announcer John Sterling is calling

New York Yankees announcer John Sterling is calling the inaugural Kitten Bowl. (Credit: Marc Lemoine / Crown Media United States, LLC)

If you are younger than 35, you likely don't remember life before WFAN, and therefore life before that station carried Mets games.

Thursday, all that changed when the Yankees made their debut as the station's home team, with the Mets having relocated slightly up the dial at WOR.

The station did not make a big deal about the Pirates-Yankees game and the milestone that came with it, perhaps saving the ceremonial stuff for when the games count in April.

In any case, John Sterling did welcome listeners to WFAN, "the No. 1 sports station in this country, a 50,000-watt clear channel giant at 66 on the dial. And, so, hello WFAN and hello Yankee baseball fans."

Later in the pregame his partner, Suzyn Waldman, referenced WFAN and added, "It won't take me long to get used to those call letters again." (She worked there 1987-2001.)

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