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Super Bowl draws more real fans in 21st century

Ray Anderson from Idaho enjoys Super Bowl

(Credit: Newsday / Thomas Ferrara)

There is no question that in the 18 years since my first Super Bowl, the crowds have become louder and seemingly more full of actual fans than the dreaded "corporate types" for which the game long has been known.

As many observers - including Fox's Joe Buck - noted Sunday night at MetLife Stadium, the crowd was loud and engaged from the start - although obviously less so for Broncos fans as...

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Four photogs covering their 48th Super Bowl

I wrote an item for the Sunday paper about the three reporters set to cover their 48th Super Bowl - Jerry Izenberg, Dave Klein and Jerry Green.

I since have learned there also are four photographers who have covered every Super Bowl and are slated to do so again today: Tony Tomsic, Mickey Palmer, John Biever and Walter Iooss.

Happy clicking! ...

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Fox plans Super Bowl pregame plethora

Photo of an ice sculpture of the Vince

(Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara)

The NFL thinks of everything, including scheduling Fox to carry a Super Bowl with a head coach named Fox.

Anyway, below find a news release, presented verbatim for your reading pleasure, of what Fox plans for its four-hour pregame show Sunday.

(You might notice that Fox always calls itself FOX. Why? I don't know.)

FOX SUPER BOWL SUNDAY is the super-sized Super Bowl edition of FOX...

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Super Bowl Boulevard is popular -- too popular

People slide down the toboggan ride as football

(Credit: Getty)

So I finally did the full Super Bowl Boulevard tour starting at about 8:30 p.m. Friday night, from south to north.

First, be aware that it is crowded. Very crowded. The weather is good, there are many people in New York, this is the only chance for most people to be touched directly by the big event and - unlike what I and most other people assumed - by "closing Broadway" organizers did NOT...

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Jennifer Garner found role model in Browns front office

Jennifer Garner arrives for a press conference about

(Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara)

It didn’t take long for Jennifer Garner to figure out Super Bowl week mostly is a man’s world.

When photographers greeted the actress with a flurry of camera clicks at a news conference Friday to promote the upcoming film “Draft Day,” she laughed and said, “Wow, you guys have been shooting a lot of boys, haven’t you?’’

And after experiencing Radio Row, she said, “I have a great deal...

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Super Bowl ticket prices still soft

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson speaks during a

(Credit: AP)

Despite the promising weather report, Super Bowl tickets on the secondary market continue to be among the softest in recent memory.Accoring to, which aggregates secondary market sites, the average list price as of Friday morning was $2,480.06, and the lowest was $1,247 - down more than 44 percent since the morning of the conference championship games.The distance fans of the two teams...

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First cold-weather Super Bowl might not be coldest Super Bowl

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, left, and

(Credit: AP)

Maybe the NFL found a way to collect all the hot air spoken about Super Bowl XLVIII weather over the past 44 months and repurpose it as a warming wind for Sunday night.

Hey, let’s not put anything past them. ESPN’s Chris Berman told me Tuesday that he was not surprised a vastly improved weather forecast for the weekend suddenly appeared out of nowhere earlier this week.

“This is what...

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NFL still mulling Thursday night offers

The NFL Network will now be carried by

(Credit: AP)

The NFL continues to mull offers from a gaggle of media entities for a piece of its 13-game Thursday night package, but no deal appears imminent - at least not during Super Bowl week.

Brian Rolapp, the league's executive vice president for media, discussed the situation in broad terms Thursday after a news conference to announce a new video service called "NFL Now" that is launching this summer.


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Keith Hamilton hammers Warren Sapp

Warren Sapp said he doesn't think Michael Strahan

(Credit: AP)

Keith (Hammer) Hamilton, who as a Giants defensive tackle spent most of his career playing on a line with Michael Strahan, said Thursday that Strahan "absolutely" should be voted into the Hall of Fame Saturday.

Actually, he thought that should have happened last year - ahead of everyone who did make it.

"With the guys they accepted last year, to me he’s head and shoulders above all of...

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Joe Buck visited 'Hermitville' in 2011

Joe Buck presents an award during the 2013

(Credit: Getty Images)

It was shortly after his last Super Bowl for Fox in 2011 that a virus struck a nerve in Joe Buck's left vocal cord, leaving his voice weak and raspy for months afterward.

Sunday he will be back doing play-by-play for the biggest game of them all, fully recovered, perhaps sounding better than ever.

"Actually my voice has come back stronger, in a weird way, because I had to work around...

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