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Actually, first Radio Row predated WFAN

Giants QB Phil Simms was named MVP of

Giants QB Phil Simms was named MVP of Super Bowl XXI in 1987. The Giants defeated the Broncos 39-20 in that game. (Credit: Getty Images)

As I pointed out in this story about Radio Row, WFAN's roots in the phenomenon date to 1988, the first January of its existence.

But even that was not the first time New York radio set up shop the week of the big game.

In 1987 future Yankees p.r. man Rick Cerrone and Dave Jennings did five nightly shows for WNEW - with Richard Neer back in the studio in New York! - while Dave Sims did shows for WNBC.

This was in Anaheim the week before the Giants beat the Broncos.

Said Cerrone: "Our audience one day was a dad with his young son in a stroller. His wife was working as a reporter for a New York TV station. It was Rudy Giuliani. We put him on."

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