By day, Kiira Dosdall is a project specialist for Schoology, a learning management system used in education throughout the world. But on nights and weekends, she’s a professional hockey player with the New York Riveters of the National Women’s Hockey League.

“If you didn’t know that she was a pro hockey player, you wouldn’t notice,” Matt Siefker, Dosdall’s supervisor at Schoology said. “You would just see her like any other team member.”

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In its inaugural season, the NWHL players’ salaries range from $10,000 to $25,000, leaving many players to work other jobs on top of their professional hockey careers.

“It’s exhausting,” Dosdall said. “It means I’m never home really before 11 p.m., but it’s all things I really like doing so none of it’s a job really. . . . It’s a life filled with great things — just packed.”

Watch Dosdall go from emailing clients to making dinner with her roommate and teammate to skating at practice in our “A Day in the Life” video above.