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Bars use Facebook to announce 'blizzard parties'

With a blizzard predicted to hit Long Island,

(Credit: iStock)

It’s a wise bet the average Long Islander won’t be venturing out for any reason during the impending blizzard – unofficially dubbed “Winter Storm Nemo” by The Weather Channel (and referred to as such on social media), not by the National Weather Service – but there are a number of late-night hangs in Nassau and Suffolk counties that have announced on Facebook that they are preparing to stay open,...

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Lion dancers to perform at Monsoon Asian Kitchen and Lounge

The mask (or head) of a Chinese lion

(Credit: Ian J. Stark)

When one thinks of the celebrations that surround the arrival of the Chinese New Year, almost all will note the excitement generated by the lion dance.

Performed at many types of traditional Chinese cultural and spiritual celebrations, it involves dancers moving enthusiastically to pounding drums and crashing gongs, all the while within colorful, four-legged costumes (with two people per outfit)...

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Disco legends to play The Emporium in Patchogue

Gloria Gaynor, who performs at Westbury Theater in

(Credit: Newsday/Alejandra Villa)

If you love going to clubs, dancing to the handiwork of DJs and dressing in trendy, classy clothing – be sure to thank those who made disco king back in the 1970s for creating that brand of nightlife.

While the current evening scene is somewhat more casual, and much of the music played is created electronically, a major reason the club scene and the sound we know today exists is because of...

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Taking the Hula-Hoop to new heights (call it 'hooping')

Coram?s Evan Davis is ?hooping? ? the term

(Credit: David M. Parrot / Evan Davis)

The Hula-Hoop is often identified as something used by children for fun, or as a historical footnote as a fad during the 1950s – but today, for some the hoop has become an adult and modern obsession, and are using the large rings for more than just playtime.

Web-search “hooping” (that’s the preferred term, instead of “Hula-Hooping”) and “New York,” and classes, workshops, gatherings and performances...

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