Pointe shoes are the last thing you’d expect to see in an Under Armour ad.

But Misty Copeland, a groundbreaking ballerina for the American Ballet Theatre, has stunned the online public in a new ad for the sports apparel company.

Copeland is the first athlete -- yes, athlete -- whose story of defying the odds is told in Under Armour’s women-focused ad campaign. Her video alone has drawn nearly 1.9 million views in two days’ time.

“You have the wrong body for ballet,” reads a young girl’s voice in the ad, rattling off Copeland’s supposed flaws, presumably from rejection letters. “And at 13, you are too old to be considered.”

Copeland may have started dancing late compared to her peers, but she has since made history. She is now ABT’s first African-American soloist in 20 years and the third in its history. Throughout the ad, she displays grace and grit in an awe-inducing sequence of postures, spins and leaps.

“I will what I want,” the ad reads in its closing moments -- giving a mere glimpse of the determination that has propelled Copeland past a childhood of instability and poverty to stardom today.

Watch Copeland's video below.

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