STAMFORD - Stamford police say they anticipate an increase in cyberbullying cases once the new school year starts.

Police say one in four kids is being bullied, and that they are being harassed via the Internet or phone in nearly all the cases.

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To help prevent cruelty, Sgt. Tom Kennedy of Stamford's Juvenile Offenses Unit says parents need to talk to their kids about bullying.

Kennedy also recommends that parents keep track of their children's Internet and cellphone activity in order to stay informed.

"It's your child," he says. "Nobody else is going to care for your child like you do."

Most importantly, Kennedy says parents need to build a trusting relationship with their children. He says parents should speak with their children every day around the same time to find out how they have been doing.

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Kennedy says some bullying cases can even bring charges against the bully. He says it could be breach of peace or it may even fall into stalking charges.