I am proud to be Polish American. I was born in the United States, but my parents were born in Poland and moved to America. My grandma and grandpa still live there. I am part of the first American generation in my family.

At home, I speak Polish with my parents. This helps me speak the language more fluently and helps me keep connected to my family's culture.

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On the weekends, I go to Polish school. I learn about Poland's history, great Polish leaders and Poland's geography. During the year, I also go to Polish Pulaski Parade in New York City with my family. For Polish parades, people wear white and red. That is because those are Poland's flag colors. Poland has its own culture, too.

At home, we mostly eat Polish food like kielbasa, cheese blintzes and pierogies. I like to go to Poland every summer. Last year, my parents bought an apartment in Warsaw. Every year, I visit different places in Poland. I have even been in popular places in Poland like Gdansk, Zakopane and Krakow. My favorite place is Czarnocin. It is where my grandma Helen and grandpa George live. I have so many friends there whom I play with every summer.