CORNWALL - A 17-year-old survived a jump off a 70-foot high train trestle in Cornwall.

First responders say they rushed to Otterkill Road in Cornwall around 10 a.m. after a report that the teen climbed up the Moodna Creek viaduct, which is used for train tracks, and either fell or jumped.

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News 12 has learned that the girl landed in the tree tops and was found by her grandparents, who called 911. The area is very wooded and owned by the state.

Crews made a frantic rope rescue to help try and save the girl and amazingly, police say she was alive and conscious when they found her. It took nearly an hour get the girl out of the hilly area where she landed.

She has been taken by helicopter to a hospital, and police say it appears she'll be OK.

MTA police are investigating the incident. They say no trains were running at the time of the fall.