YONKERS - An extermination company has completed its work at The Charter School of Educational Excellence in Yonkers and says the school is now free of bedbugs.

On Thursday, students at the school could be seen coming to school with their backpacks inside plastic bags.

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According to parents, a teacher found bedbugs inside first-floor classrooms on Monday and exterminators weren't contacted until the next day. They are angry that students were kept in class the whole time and say it wasn't until yesterday that students were sent home with a letter warning parents about the bedbugs.

Many parents told News 12 they are angry it took several days for the school to let them know about the infestation.

School officials dispute the timeline and say a teacher overheard a child talking about bedbugs on Monday but didn't find any evidence in the classroom until Tuesday. They say they didn't know for sure that there were bedbugs until an exterminator came on Wednesday, after which they immediately notified parents. While they fumigated the entire school, they believe the infestation was only in one area. "It's been in isolated areas that bedbugs have been found and not throughout the building," claims School Chairman Eduardo Laguerre.

School officials tell News 12 that all students will be sent home with a bedbug kit complete with pictures on Thursday so parents know exactly what to look for.