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Predictions: Mayweather vs. Cotto

Floyd Mayweather Jr. visited the Apollo Theater in Harlem to announce his upcoming fight against WBA super welterweight champion Miguel Cotto. Videojournalist: Robert Cassidy (Feb. 28, 2012)

Here are some predictions for Saturday's Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Miguel Cotto fight:

Holt McCallany, actor: I love Miguel Cotto. Heart of a lion. Pressure fighter. And the nicest guy in the sport. I just don't see how he can get it done this time. Floyd's speed, defensive ability, angles, and on and on. I predict a tough night for a great fighter named Miguel Cotto. Mayweather by decision.

Greg Logan, Newsday: "Miguel Cotto has the heart that Sugar Shane Mosley lacked to challenge Floyd Mayweather. But he no longer possesses the speed and maybe not the chin to have a serious chance of winning. Mayweather will take Cotto apart methodically, and because Cotto will try to make a fight of it, he will get stopped by Round 9. Mayweather TKO9."

Marcus Henry, Newsday: "Miguel Cotto isn't afraid of Floyd Mayweather's speed, counter-punching ability or his defense. So look for him to challenge Mayweather early to possibly try and goad him into a slugfest. Mayweather rarely takes chances, especially early in a fight. He tried it against Shane Mosley and was hit it hard in the second round. Mayweather will sit on the outside and try and wear down Cotto. That strategy may bore some people, but it will work for Mayweather. Mayweather wins by majority decision."

Bobby Cassidy, Newsday: "Since losing to Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto has had some nice wins on paper, both they don't translate into a revitalized Cotto. His demolition of Antonio Margarito was nice from an emotional standpoint, but his nemesis was shot at that point. Cotto's courage and desire will make the fight appealing to watch, but at the end of the day, Floyd is too fast for him. Mayweather wins a clear unanimous decision.

Mike Brooks, Oceanside lightweight: "Mayweather wins by decision. It will be a very technical and, possibly, a boring fight. If Cotto puts pressure on the whole time, it won't be as boring. I also believe that Alvarez will over power Mosley and win a decision.

Mark McPherson, former junior middleweight contender from Long Island, "Mayweather will be bothered by Cotto's jab, but will figure out a way to win by decision. Cinnamon (Canelo Alvarez) and Mosely will go to war and Cinnamon will get stopped by cuts."

Freddie Liberatore, former Golden Gloves champ and world title challenger from Bayside: "Mayweather will pick Cotto apart and stop him on cuts."

Mario Gonzalez, Newsday: "There are few, if any, that can stop Money Mayweather and I don't think it will happen this Saturday in Las Vegas. Mayweather may be smaller in size, but I think he is too fast and his defense is too spectacular for Cotto to hurt him. I think Mayweather will win by unanimous decision. "

Evan Korn, Newsday: "In three fights totaling 28 rounds since returning to the ring in 2009, Mayweather has barely lost a round. Cotto is 3-0 since losing to Manny Pacquiao in November 2009, although he has been carefully rehabilitated against underwhelming opponents. Despite being 31, Cotto is past his physical prime, as the beatings he took against Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito cut short his prime. Mayweather, at 35, is as well-preserved as they come and should dominate the fight before scoring a late KO. Mayweather TKO 11."

John Scully, former contender and TV analyst: "I find it hard to pick against Cotto. But I find it harder to pick against Mayeather. Other than pure physical strength I would say Floyd is superior in every area and that his A game is just that much better than Cotto's. Ill go with Floyd by a unanimous decision."

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