New Rochelle police are looking for the thieves who drove off with nine brand-new Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicles from the parking lot of a local dealership during the weekend, News12 Westchester reported.

The thieves broke the lock on a fence leading to a storage lot for Pepe Luxury Cars on Portman Road, cops said. They located the keys and drove off with the cars, which included three vehicles worth about $100,000 each.

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The burglary was executed by "a crew of people," New Rochelle police Capt. Joseph Schaller told News12.

"Since nine cars were taken, we believe that there were certainly more than one person involved ... exactly how many, we don't know," Schaller said.

The cars are worth a combined $800,000, Schaller told News12. Police aren't exactly sure when the cars went missing, but they believe it was sometime between Saturday and Sunday afternoon, when an employee at Pepe realized the vehicles were gone.

Schaller didn't say how the burglars got their hands on the keys or whether they would have needed inside knowledge of the dealership to pull off the heist. Voice mails and emails were left with managers at Pepe Luxury Cars on Wednesday.