POMPTON LAKES - Parents of a toddler found wandering a busy street want to how he was able to get out of his day care center and into harm's way.

Police say 1-year-old Jovon "Junior" Taylor was seen walking in the street about a block away from Enchanted Learning Daycare at around 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Mother Twanice Cox is thankful that strangers came to his rescue, but shocked at how this could have happened.

Cox says when she went to pick up her son, who turns two next month, workers told her he somehow got out of the facility, but they were able to stop him right outside the door. As she was leaving, Cox says Pompton Lakes police returned to the day care, and said that a group of people found Junior down the block.

Cox says she has no idea how her son could have got out of the door himself. "It's impossible for a 1-year-old to push a button that's as tall as my shoulder and push a metal door at the same time," she says.

The day care would not comment on what happened, but a group of moms told News 12 New Jersey they've had nothing but positive experiences at the facility.

Cox says after what happened, she's not bringing Junior back. She says she'd like to find and thank the people who brought him back to the day care.

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Police says the state has been notified about the scenario and that they'll continue to follow up with the day care.

The moms also told News 12 New Jersey the day care has already moved the button to push the door open up higher out of kids’ reach.