HARRISON - New Jersey is bracing for yet another round of snow, and some towns are taking a proactive approach by clearing and prepping as many roads as possible.

In Harrison, getting it right means roads closed, cleaned and plowed.

Barricades are being put up around Harrison in preparation for Thursday's storm.  Mayor Ray McDonough says it's part of a plan that has worked well with past storms. "We remove more snow on every single street in Harrison from curb to curb," he says. "If we have to close the streets, we post it 24 hours in advance." 

Other cities tell News 12 New Jersey they are trying to implement a similar approach. In nearby East Newark, crews worked to remove more snow before the next storm.

Not all towns have been successful in their efforts. Cities like Hoboken and Paterson have been criticized for lack of parking and dangerous streets.

The mayor of Paterson defended his city's snow removal efforts by saying there wasn't enough salt for an effective treatment. 

Meanwhile in Morristown, parking bans are already in effect on certain roads. Free parking at municipal garages is also being offered, along with transportation to cars.

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