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DI FARA (1424 Ave. J, 718-258-1367, difara.com): Opened
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DI FARA (1424 Ave. J, 718-258-1367, difara.com): Opened in 1964, the legendary Di Fara in Midwood occupies a cramped, unlovely space requiring a long wait. But the excellent pizza, with a slightly thicker crust than usual for New York, keeps people coming back. You can watch founder Domenic DeMarco hunched over the counter making every pie from scratch himself. The best offering is the square, Sicilian-style pie ($32), with its succulent, twice-baked crust. Insider tip: Call ahead during the day to order your pizza in advance, as pie ordering sometimes shuts down after 8 p.m. or so. (Nov. 6, 2013)(Credit: Barbara Alper)

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Brooklyn pizza joints: 6 picks

Perhaps no food topic is as controversial in New York as where to find the best pizza. Everyone has an opinion, and mine is that Brooklyn is the go-to destination for pizza these days. It makes sense, given that borough's well-documented explosion in food sophistication, as well as its historic production of, and appreciation for, great pizza.

But a good list needs good criteria. Taste matters, of course. The only problem is that all pizza tastes pretty good. So while extra points are awarded for extra deliciousness, it's crust that separates the all-stars from the also-rans. Crust is the architecture of pizza, the structure holding up the whole enterprise, and the good ones can only come from having a superhot oven (whether it's wood-burning, coal-burning or otherwise). A picturesque blistering on the edges is great, but the middle is where the true test lies. Any pizzeria that can keep the middle of the pie crisp underneath all the gooeyness on top is doing something right. -- TED LOOS. Special to Newsday

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