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Climb aboard for a trip around the world of travel

Travel dating site matches wealthy and 'attractive' travelers

How desperate are you for a vacation?

How desperate are you for a vacation? (Credit: AP)

Want to travel but are short on funds? may be able to help you out, as long as you 1) are a miss, not a mister, 2) are “attractive” and 3) have a rather loose definition of the term “traveling companion.”

Here's the deal: The dating site matches “generous travelers” tired of flying solo with ”attractive travelers who would love the opportunity to travel the world for free.”

Call Direct Flight a kook, but doesn't this sound like the next installment in the “Hostel” series?

Call up the site and, on the MissTravel home page, you'll see an example of said “attractive traveler,” infantilized in a short polka-dot dress, knees knocking together as she leans back on her pink roller suitcase. One hopes she has a Bedazzled cellphone in that suitcase, and she realizes international calls do cost money.

DF's mama taught her you get what you pay for, so she's going to save for her next vacation the old-fashioned way: tossing coins into her pink piggy bank.

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