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Six Flags on Memorial Day weekend

Six Flags' SkyScreamer, which opened in May of

Six Flags' SkyScreamer, which opened in May of 2012, spins 32 riders at 40 mph high above the park. (Credit: Six Flags)

Yes, it will be crazy over Memorial Day weekend, but ... it's Six Flags! The coasters alone are enough of a lure, but there are further temptations, including some newbies.

The new SkyScreamer, which has swings that rise up more than 240 feet and churn at 40 miles per hour, opens Wednesday. (A note: I love swing rides. So much. But there is a new divide between the old, baby kind and the new, turbo variety. I found this out recently when I went on the Brooklyn Flyer, an equivalent attraction at Coney Island's Lunar Park, and my stomach was more than a bit queasy as a result. When it finally ended, I went home. In sum: I would save the SkyScreamer for last.)

Also new, as of May 23, are two family rides: Air Jumbo and the Deja Vu scrambler. In July, bumper cars -- Fender Benders, they call them -- join the roster.

May 26 sees the season opening of the Hurricane Harbor, Six Flags' 45-acre water park. Attractions include a million-gallon wave pool, 20 water slides and 2010's Tornado, a funnel ride where a four-person raft descends seven stories.

You will have to wait until early July for the new King Cobra. Plop yourself in a tube and race -- the ride allows for two tubes at a time -- and ride like the wind (if the wind is, say, 32 miles per hour) through open sections and a final 25-foot plunge.

Check out photos of attractions at Six Flags Great Adventure.


Season passes are the way to go if you're a frequent visitor. Prices through May 28 are $69.99 for a two-park pass (Great Adventure plus Wild Safari) and $79.99 for a three-park pass (add on Hurricane Harbor). Purchase four two- or three-park passes by May 28 and get free parking rolled into the deal.

Or, buy day passes at the Six Flags website for $41.99, which is $20 off the at-the-gate price.

However you get in the gates, have fun on SkyScreamer. I'll be on the coasters.

Pictured: SkyScreamer. (Photo credit: Six Flags)

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