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What would Gollum pack for a trip?

What “precious” things would Gollum bring with him when he travels?

Andy Serkis, the actor who voices Gollum in "The Lord of the Rings" movies and the upcoming film "The Hobbit," answers that question during an interview with Lonely Planet, an internationally known guidebook publisher. Getting into character, Serkis explains what Gollum would bring for his travels.

“Why are you asking me, precious?” Serkis says. “You know the answer.”

He continues in character, who is known for debating with his self and mind.

Serkis also discusses how director Peter Jackson incorporates the beauty of New Zealand into these movies and his favorite travel memories.

"New Zealand is the biggest star of the movie," Serkis says, adding that it also resembles what a reader imagines Middle Earth, the setting of the 'Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit,' to look like -- a vast green landscape offset with mountains, calm bodies of water and a limitless country. 

"It looks like a place that has never been touched, never been walked, never had a footstep," he says of the country's beauty. 

'The Hobbit' will be released in theaters on Dec. 14. 

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