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American Airlines-US Airways merger will not affect frequent flier miles, AA says

Airline fees for things like checked bags and

(Credit: Charles Eckert)

The consolidation of airline companies continued Thursday with the announcement of a merger between American Airlines and US Airways. The $11 billion deal means that the resultant super airline, to be called American Airlines, will be the world's largest.

What this means on the ground to frequent fliers, according to a letter sent to AAdvantage members, are separately maintained programs.


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How does the AA bankruptcy affect your tickets and your miles?

The news of a major U.S. airline filing for bankruptcy is not exactly surprising: Since 1991 airways such as Pan Am, United, US Airways, Northwest and Delta have. But when American Airlines announced Tuesday that it had filed for reorganization under Chapter 11, many travelers probably didn't see it coming.

A subsidiary of the AMR Corp., AA has been flying (in one form or another) since before...

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