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Turn Shark Week into a reality with a shark encounter

A reef shark is shown in this undated

(Credit: Katie Grudecki)

On Aug. 12, Discovery Channel's Shark Week turns 25. That's a lot of celebratory years for the pit bulls of the sea, a whole lot of education and giving of mad props to the gilled guys that terrify and fascinate us. But does it all feel just a little two-dimensional? If so, take that crazy excitement for the great white, tiger, blue, hammerhead and all their brethren into the real world with a...

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California retreat with surfers Pat O'Connell and Jon Rose

Pro surfer Jon Rose.

(Credit: Handout)

Surfers and wannabes alike, brush off your beach-speak and get ready: The Surf with a Legend package at California's Montage Laguna Beach includes plenty of wave time with two greats. Participants will hit the waves with Pat O'Connell, a competitive surfer who was featured in “The Endless Summer,” and Jon Rose, a professional surfer and the founder of the eco-minded Waves for Water; the two will...

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Exotics Racing in Las Vegas puts you in a supercar

Exotics Racing offers a fleet of 30 supercars

(Credit: Exotics Racing / Laurent Vu)

Pictured: Exotics Racing's Lamborghini Aventador LP700 and Ferrari 458 Italia.

I'm not historically one who is hard-wired for speed. To this day, my favorite car is my departed Saab 900, a vehicle that mimicked a turtle in more ways than just its shape. Most of this is economical, I suppose -- it's not as if the "S" on cars equates with savings on the sticker price -- but I've...

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