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Saving on airfare: tips for any season

A Delta Connection CRJ-900 regional jet taxis near

(Credit: Craig Ruttle)

Yes, fares on many routes are more expensive this year than last, but airfares are not static and there are (relative) deals to be had any time of year. Here’s my best advice for making your airfare dollars go farther no matter what the time of year you fly.

1. Sign up for the airlines’ email feeds and frequent flyer programs.

Yes, we know, you already get too much email, but the airlines...

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Rescheduled flights: your options

An American Airlines jet. (Oct. 29, 2010)

(Credit: AP)

Q: What can I do with American Airlines, which canceled our fully paid flight for travel this September and rescheduled us to a flight that arrives around midnight rather than early afternoon, as originally scheduled?

A: Airline schedules, as the contracts of carriage state, are not guaranteed, and I hear this sort of complaint increasingly often. You probably have two options. One, ask for...

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Delta prohibits 'throwaway' ticketing

A Delta Air Lines plane taxis on the

(Credit: Bloomberg)

Q: My family needs to fly from Baton Rouge to Richmond. To fly as cheaply as possible, I bought three one-way fares from Atlanta to Richmond for $60 each. Now, I need to find a cheap fare from Baton Rouge to Atlanta to connect to the Atlanta-Richmond flight. Round-trip fares from Baton Rouge to Atlanta are cheaper than one-ways, so I thought we'd buy a round-trip and not use the return flight. (The...

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Hawaiian Airlines launches Honolulu-New York City flights

Kahanamoku Beach in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii.

(Credit: AP)

HONOLULU — Hawaiian Airlines is about to be the only carrier offering year-round flights between Honolulu and New York City.

Daily service between Honolulu International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport began Monday.

Inaugural Flight 50 -- playing off the television show “Hawaii Five-0" -- was to depart Honolulu at 3:05 p.m. Monday and arrive in New York City at...

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Airline responsibility in flight changes

A US Airways A330-300 flies over Toulouse, southern

(Credit: Getty Images)

Q: We booked a cruise through Celebrity Cruise Lines and had Celebrity book the airfare and took out insurance. When we arrived for our connecting flight, US Airways said there was a mechanical failure and they needed 20 volunteers to give up their seats. They did not get their 20, so we got bumped. The best the airline could do was get us to the first port of call, which was two days later. US...

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Airline's baggage scales: Can you trust them?

Getty Images

(Credit: Getty Images)

Q: I recently took a trip where I was dangerously close to being overweight with both my checked bags. With this in mind, I weighed both my bags with a certified scale before leaving the house and found that each bag weighed less than 40 pounds. At the check-in counter, however, my first bag weighed in at 57 pounds on the airline scales, the other at 42. I switched some things around to keep both...

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Japan Airlines launches Tokyo-Boston service

A Japan Airlines Boeing 787 taxis to the

(Credit: AP )

Travelers heading to Japan from Boston are now able to make the flight without touching down along the way for the first time in history.

On Sunday, Japan Airlines launched nonstop service from Boston Logan International Airport to Tokyo's Narita Airport using the new Boeing 787.

Officials held a ceremony at Logan on Sunday to mark the arrival of the first flight.

An Associated...

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Baggage fees charged by major U.S. airlines

Baggage fees vary among airlines. (Dec. 2, 2011)

(Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

By now, we all know that most airlines are slamming passengers any way they can, from baggage fees to charging for onboard snacks and pillows, but this one is new to me:

While we're on the topic, let's take a look at what baggage fees the major airlines are charging: AIRLINE Fee (One Carry-on/First checked/2nd checked) AirTran Free/$20/$25 American Free/$25/$35 Continental Free/$25/$35...

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JetBlue helps you get time off with 'Getaways Granter'

A screen capture of the Facebook app from

(Credit: Handout)

You've worked hard, you've saved up your days, and now you're ready for that long-deserved vacation. But every time you head for the boss’s office, the fear of rejection (or possibly worse) rises within. Does this situation sound familiar?

If so, perhaps you can enlist the online players who deliver musical moments for JetBlue Airways via the airline’s “Getaways Granter” Facebook app to assist...

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How does the AA bankruptcy affect your tickets and your miles?

The news of a major U.S. airline filing for bankruptcy is not exactly surprising: Since 1991 airways such as Pan Am, United, US Airways, Northwest and Delta have. But when American Airlines announced Tuesday that it had filed for reorganization under Chapter 11, many travelers probably didn't see it coming.

A subsidiary of the AMR Corp., AA has been flying (in one form or another) since before...

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