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Airport avatar Libby debuts at Newark, with more to follow at JFK and LaGuardia

Newark Liberty International Airport 's new virtual Customer

(Credit: AP)

I can understand why Newark Liberty International Airport has hired an avatar to help with customer service: Travelers tend to be quite rude. I would bet there are many service reps out there who wish they were akin to holograms, able to provide automated responses and nothing more. Not-so-cleverly named Libby debuted in all her two-dimensional glory Friday at Newark, and she's expected to be joined...

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U.S. seeks device to replace pat-downs

An airline passenger goes through a full-body scan

(Credit: Getty Images)

The federal government says it has plans to use advanced technology to dramatically reduce the number of pat-down searches performed at the nation's airports. The Department of Homeland Security recently put out a request for technology companies to come up with a hand-held scanning device that can be used instead of pat-down searches on passengers who set off alarms on full-body scanners. The...

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