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Airline responsibility in flight changes

A US Airways A330-300 flies over Toulouse, southern

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Q: We booked a cruise through Celebrity Cruise Lines and had Celebrity book the airfare and took out insurance. When we arrived for our connecting flight, US Airways said there was a mechanical failure and they needed 20 volunteers to give up their seats. They did not get their 20, so we got bumped. The best the airline could do was get us to the first port of call, which was two days later. US...

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WHAT IT DOES Gives you more power to book a cruise online. If you like what Hipmunk has done for flight search, you will love what CruiseWise will do for cruises. WHAT'S HOT It's all about the visual map. Select your destination, departure port and dates, then watch as your search results appear on a map on your screen. Detailed info such as price and room options are...

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