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Memorial Day weekend: New York traffic stats from AAA

Cars stopped in traffic one northern state parkway.

(Credit: Newsday/Paul J. Bereswill)

The number of Memorial Day travelers is expected to increase this year, after dipping slightly in 2011 due to high gas prices.

AAA's annual holiday weekend forecast projects 34.8 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home Thursday through Monday, up 1.2 percent from a year ago.

The same is true for New York, where almost 2.2 million people are expected to travel, up 0.5...

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Six Flags on Memorial Day weekend

Six Flags' SkyScreamer, which opened in May of

(Credit: Six Flags)

Yes, it will be crazy over Memorial Day weekend, but ... it's Six Flags! The coasters alone are enough of a lure, but there are further temptations, including some newbies.

The new SkyScreamer, which has swings that rise up more than 240 feet and churn at 40 miles per hour, opens Wednesday. (A note: I love swing rides. So much. But there is a new divide between the old, baby kind and the new,...

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Memorial Day weekend: what to pack for your getaway

Memorial Day packing made easy.

(Credit: iStock)

Sunshine, barbecues and the sweet smell of summer's impending arrival -- there may be no three days of the year more full of promise than Memorial Day weekend.

While some can't see spending the holiday anywhere but in their own backyards, many will be taking advantage of the extra day off from work and fleeing town for a mini-getaway.

And because it's just plain un-American to celebrate...

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Holiday travel: How to save money and stress

What are you doing for the holidays? Take

(Credit: iStock)

Wanna save big, stay sane and enjoy your holiday travel this year? Whether you're trekking across the state to partake of Grandma's Christmas goose or leaving everything behind and heading for warmer climes,'s Warren Chang's top-10 holiday travel tips can help you keep it all together.

1. Be a conscious consumer

If the airline puts you on a different flight and you arrive at...

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