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Las Vegas hotels favored by cheaters named in infidelity website survey

The Wynn hotel in Las Vegas.

(Credit: AP, 2008)

And we always thought Sin City was the place to elope. According to a new survey, that thinking is practically provincial. The website, which helps marrieds find people to cheat with, reports that 53 percent of members surveys have gone to Las Vegas for an adulterous tryst. Granted, the 7,680 folks surveyed is but a fraction of the nearly 16 million AshleyMadison members, but they...

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Exotics Racing in Las Vegas puts you in a supercar

Exotics Racing offers a fleet of 30 supercars

(Credit: Exotics Racing / Laurent Vu)

Pictured: Exotics Racing's Lamborghini Aventador LP700 and Ferrari 458 Italia.

I'm not historically one who is hard-wired for speed. To this day, my favorite car is my departed Saab 900, a vehicle that mimicked a turtle in more ways than just its shape. Most of this is economical, I suppose -- it's not as if the "S" on cars equates with savings on the sticker price -- but I've truly...

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Rescheduled flights: your options

An American Airlines jet. (Oct. 29, 2010)

(Credit: AP)

Q: What can I do with American Airlines, which canceled our fully paid flight for travel this September and rescheduled us to a flight that arrives around midnight rather than early afternoon, as originally scheduled?

A: Airline schedules, as the contracts of carriage state, are not guaranteed, and I hear this sort of complaint increasingly often. You probably have two options. One, ask for...

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