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Holiday windows of Long Island 2011

With glittering lights, bright colors and even animated dolls, holiday window displays have been cropping up at mom and pop shops across Long Island. Virginia Suhr, now 68, took her children to see the elaborate moving trains in the windows of W.L. Wiggs Opticians in Stony Brook in the '70s. Last month, she took her 2-year-old grandson, Nicholas Liguori, who was delighted to see Thomas the Tank Engine zoom through a model winter village, waving and laughing."It's kind of magical. With the train display it just grabs the children right away," says Suhr, of Stony Brook. "It's nice because you can give them that kind of thrill of going into the holiday without going too far or going to the mall."Here are some of LI's most festive holiday windows.--Lauren Harrison

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