Tipping is a hot topic throughout the hospitality industry, particularly in the United States, where virtually everybody has either received or given a cash gratuity in their lifetime. Here are some guidelines.

HOUSEKEEPING Tip $2-$5 per day (depending on the size of the room) left daily in an envelope.

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BELL STAFF Give them $2 for the first bag, $1 for each additional bag, $1 more if the bags are being delivered from storage.

CONCIERGE Are generally not tipped unless they have provided exemplary service, such as reservations at difficult-to-book restaurants, theaters, events or other extraordinary requests.

FRONT DESK CLERKS Are generally not tipped, but they will route tips meant for other employees you’ve missed.

DOOR STAFF For assistance with a lot of luggage or for going to particular lengths to hail a cab, $1-$2 is recommended.

VALET STAFF A fair tip is $1-2 for retrieving a vehicle.