The purpose of a vacation is to unwind, which means disconnecting from work electronically. Here are some tips for unplugging while on vacation.

  • Turn off your work email, and really hide it. For example, on an iPhone, go to Settings and then Mail. Go to Accounts, and swipe the button to turn off your work email account. Also, disable alerts.
  • Remove calendars from your phone and, with them, those constant appointment pings. You don’t need an alert reminder of the weekly team meeting popping up as you order a mojito.
  • Set up a solid out-of-office message. You can say, “I’m out of the office until [enter date]. Try me then.”
  • Use airplane mode, even after landing. Airplane mode doesn’t allow accessing the internet for everything you need, but it does put an end to alerts.
  • Bring along a real camera. Taking a photo is often why we reach for our smartphone, which too easily translates to just refreshing a website or checking in with a text.