In Tampa, the house that Jeter built

Aerial shot of Derek Jeter's home, worth $7.7 Aerial shot of Derek Jeter's home, worth $7.7 million, on Davis Islands in Tampa , Florida. The house, 30,875 square feet of space, dwarfs the surrounding homes on Bahama Circle. Photo Credit: Tampa Tribune/Jim Reed

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For travelers in Tampa for spring training games, Davis Islands already makes for a fine side trip, with its picturesque marina, quaint restaurants and shops, and views of the bay. Now that Yankees great Derek Jeter lives there, however, baseball fans have an added incentive to go.

Jeter's 30,815-square-foot waterfront mansion was officially completed last month, reportedly to the tune of $7.7 million. Reportedly the largest residence in Hillsborough County, it's so big, that local residents have taken to calling it St. Jetersburg.

The structure, which overlooks Hillsborough Bay and can be seen clearly from the Bayshore Boulevard sidewalk on the other side of the inlet, takes up two lots and has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a pool, two three-car garages and two boat lifts.

The upscale island neighborhood - technically two islands - in South Tampa is accessible by way of Davis Boulevard, the neighborhood's main drag just over the Davis Islands Bridge connecting it to the mainland not far from downtown. Jeter's place is on Bahama Circle, heading east toward the waterfront off the boulevard.