It was a quick “in and out” for NBC's “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon Saturday night at the star-studded Phoenix House bash he co-hosted with Randy Jackson in Southampton.

Wife Mariah Carey was in LA working on an album. So, he told us, “I got here today and I’ll be leaving tonight.”

Did she also stay home because of the baby on the way? ”I haven’t announced that,” he insisted, repeating the party line: “I was expecting a puppy.”

So, let's say we believe you, does that mean you’re going to keep on trying? “I try every day!” he said.

Cannon and Carey were married in April 2008 after only dating six weeks. “When you meet your soul mate, you don’t waste time,” he explained. They renew their vows yearly in front of a close circle of friends and family.


Cannon said “love, happiness and a sense of humor” keeps their union strong. He also credited a “belief in God and the power of two spirits coming together. “

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Also keeping Cannon busy: “America’s Got Talent.”

“I’ll be doing it all summer long,” he said.