"Survivor" 2002 winner Ethan Zohn will be in East Hampton to receive the Jewish Center's Next Generation Social Justice Hero Award for founding Grassroot soccer, during Shabbat Services at 10 a.m. Saturday. Afterwards, Zohn will talk and participate in a soccer program with middle and high school kids and Super Soccer Stars, SYS Soccer and Ross School soccer coaches.

The events are free and all are welcome.

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A true mensch, Zohn, who won a cool $1 million -- and two goats -- on "Survivor," could have taken his dough and painted his adopted hometown, New York City, red. However, playing soccer near his "Survivor" location, with the kids in the Kenyan village of Wamba, pointed him in a different direction.

"I learned in the parking lot they were all HIV positive," Zohn said, "and I decided then to do something good with my prize money."

He co-founded Grassroot Soccer, which uses the power of people's love for and enjoyment of soccer in the fight against HIV and AIDS in programs for children in Africa, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. He said he believes soccer shows how to make good decisions and be leaders.

"We're saving these Grassroot kids' lives, literally," he said. "They see their soccer coaches every day and they become role models in place of their alcoholic, AIDS-infected parents."

Ethan said he is proud of the 350,000 kids that have graduated from the program.