Who wouldn’t like to be a fly on the wall listening to best friend funny ladies Susie Essman and Joy Behar dish the dirt? “A lot of people have said that over the years,” said Essman, who joined Behar at the Southampton Animal Shelter benefit in Southampton Saturday night after arriving for a weekend she planned to spend at Behar’s house “hanging out at the pool and dishing.”

Essman and Behar met in 1984 when they were both fledgling comediennes doing stand up at the now-defunct Comedy U club in Greenwich Village. “We both knew Larry David from those days, too,” she told us. Years later, at the height of his success, David tapped Essman to play agent Jeff Green’s (Jeff Garland) volatile wife, Susie, on HBO's “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

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We heard Jeff Garland’s real wife, Marla, although a doll, has been known to be a bit salty herself

“Marla’s a little edgy,” said Essman. “She’s got a trigger. But she’s also very sweet. We’re very good friends. And she’s not Susy Green. She’s based on a lot of other, different people, having nothing to do with Marla.

“Larry and I really created her together, but we never actually discussed who she is. The first scene he wrote in the first season, he wanted me to scream and yell at Jeff because a Fresh Air Fund kid robbed our house. From there the character kind of developed organically. She had a life of her own.”