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BROOKLYN HEIGHTSAnnie Fitzsimmons (@anniefitz on Twitter), who gives
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Annie Fitzsimmons (@anniefitz on Twitter), who gives walking tours of the Heights, sums up its charms this way: "It's like the Village, but without tourists."

The incredible collection of 600 pre-Civil War homes is the reason it was the city's first official Historic District.
(Aug. 5, 2012)(Credit: Michael Gross)

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New York City walking tour: Brooklyn Heights and Wall Street

You don't have to be from the provinces to enjoy walking around New York City and looking up at some of the architectural and historical marvels on display; there's no shame in craning your neck a little. The two neighborhoods called out here -- Brooklyn Heights and Wall Street -- are particularly rich, and they bookend each other across the harbor. (Hopping on the 2/3 subway for one stop will get you from one to the other.) -- TED LOOS. Special to Newsday

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