Defective batteries in the now-recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone have sown confusion for many travelers. Just what can you take on a plane when it comes to battery-operated devices?

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  • Your electronic devices are generally fine either in checked or carry-on luggage.
  • You generally can take spare batteries for cameras or watches, but pack those in your carry-on if they are not in the device.
  • If you have spare batteries for your e-cigarettes, it’s best to pack them in individual plastic bags and keep them away from metal objects.
  • Dry alkaline and dry rechargeable batteries can be packed in carry-on or checked.
  • Check with your airline to see whether you can take larger lithium ion batteries with you and in what form.

You can always tweet the TSA (@AskTSA) with questions about what you can and cannot bring and where to pack it.