When it comes to bucket-list adventures, swimming with sharks is near the top for adrenaline junkies. Here are four places where you can take the plunge.


Compass Cay Marina is home to a large number of well-fed, friendly nurse sharks, which are more like giant catfish than great whites. You can walk right into the shallow water near the fish-cleaning station and pet these gentle guys. Stuart Cove’s in Nassau has been doing shark dives safely for decades. The fairly nonaggressive Caribbean reef sharks feed on fish-on-a-stick as divers kneel in the sand in awe. Reef sharks are some of the least aggressive species of shark.

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There are several shark species in the Pacific waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. Sightings of tigers, hammerheads, blues and even great whites are not all that uncommon. And while divers can expect to see these guys almost anywhere while diving in Hawaii, Oahu’s North Shore is the place to be for cage diving. Hawaii Shark Encounters takes shark education seriously and strives to educate customers about the need for shark conservation while providing them with a thrilling swim with sharks inside the safety of a cage.

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Scuba divers hoping to encounter sharks should contact Beqa Adventure Divers. Sharks are protected in the Shark Reef Marine Reserve, so no worries about questionable practices. This is an uncaged dive, but per the company’s website, it is a carefully managed feed, where participants observe, but do not interact with the sharks.

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Home to a large population of great whites, the waters off the Mexico’s Baja coast attract divers willing to brave cold Pacific waters for some time in a cage watching the top fish of the ocean. Nautilus Live Aboards operates six-day adventures from July to November using submersible cages that descend to 30 feet for a better opportunity to observe the sharks. You meet the expedition in San Diego, motor to Ensenada, cruise to Guadalupe, then spend three full days in the cages watching the predators.

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