Traveling with kids by train is often much easier than going to the airport, and the little ones will enjoy having more freedom onboard. Here are a few more ways to keep them happy.

  • Rails often go where cars do not, so when trying to decide whether or not the train is a good idea, try to pick the most scenic and interesting route.
  • If you see that the kids are getting bored, go for a stroll from one end of the train to another, say hello to the conductor or grab a snack in the dining car.
  • Grab a seat with pairs of chairs facing one another and a table in the middle and enjoy some family game time. Pack a deck of cards or a small, magnetic version of your favorite board game.
  • If you are taking a long journey, try to go overnight. Kids love sleeping in crazy places, and a train will likely top their lists. Book a private sleeper or make sure you are comfortable sleeping in a couchette with strangers.